Open eBooks

All Mission Middle School students and staff have access to the Open eBooks Middle School Collection using the same login used to log into computers and iPads. Open eBooks DOES NOT work on computers.

On your school or district issued iPad:

1. Go to self service, and download the Open eBooks app

2. Click on Student Resources

3. Click on Clever

4. Log into Clever with your EUSD username (lunch number) and password (4 digit passcode twice)

5. Open the Open eBooks app from your device desktop, NOT from the picture of Open eBooks in Clever.

3. Choose to log in with Clever. You should already be logged in because you already logged into Clever.

4. The following screen may pop up:

First Book - JWT


Log In

Click Log In, you may have to do it twice.

5. Students log in as students. Staff log in as teacher.

6. When the user agreement pops up upon first use, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Accept at the bottom right.

7. Scroll to the left to get past the introductory screens and get into the Open eBooks collection.

If you still can not log in, you may need to delete and re-install the Open eBooks app. Click and hold on the Open eBooks app and choose to delete it, or wait until the icons start bouncing and click the x on the upper left hand corner of the icon to delete it. Then re-install Open eBooks from Self Service. Then log into Clever again on your iPad, and follow the steps above again.

The Clever login for students defaults to the Middle School Collection.

The Clever login for staff defaults to the entire collection (Elementary, Middle and High School).

If teachers need students to be able to access the Elementary or High School collection, the librarian can order access codes and passwords for those collections, and assign them to individuals for them to log into Open eBooks via First Book instead of via Clever.

Open eBooks works only on the following devices:

- iOS (iPad, iPod)

- Android

Open eBooks does not work on laptops or desktops.

For more information on Open eBooks, please visit


Does it work for people who are print-disabled?

Yes. Built with Readium’s rendering engine, the Open eBooks App takes advantage of the accessibility features that are native to the EPUB3 format in which the books are rendered. Open eBooks is compatible with Apple and Android’s Text to Speech (TTS).

Open eBooks also encourages families, teachers and librarians of readers with print disabilities to try applications like BARD, BookShare, and Learning Ally. These great resources can help students build an even bigger collection of eBooks.

How does it work for readers with Dyslexia, or who are visually impaired and need larger print?

Open eBooks supports Open Dyslexic Font for those with Dyslexia, and allows readers to enlarge the font for easier reading.

To enable:

  • Open your eBook

  • Press the center of the screen. Some settings buttons will appear in the upper right hand corner.

  • Click the [Aa] button in the top right corner

  • Click the Open Dyslexic Font located in the top row center.

  • To increase the font size, click the large capital A as many times as needed until the font is at the size desired. The font size increase does not work with electronic graphic novels.

Check out tips on using Open eBooks on their YouTube channel.

You can also follow Open eBooks on the following platforms. Please note that some of the resources highlighted on these platforms may be from the Elementary or High School Collection, and Mission students only have access to the Middle School Collection when they log in via Clever.