Meet the Librarian

Woman and a cat

I hope that Mission Library patrons will meet other students of their "tribe," i.e. who share their interests and sensibilities.

I was named after a friend of my parents. I did not meet another person with the same name until I was 8 years old.

This is my 14th year working as Mission's librarian.

My favorite thing about being a librarian is the opportunity to have scintillating intellectual discussions with students.

The chance to spend my day with books and students is what most excites me about my job.

If I could advise my middle school self, I would say there is no need to be so shy.

I love to cook, grow many of my own fruits and vegetables, and sew my own clothes. I also love to read.

I speak Mandarin Chinese fluently, and enjoy watching Chinese and Korean science fiction dramas.

I speak a bit of Spanish, but because I also speak Chinese, whenever I try to speak Spanish, every 10th word or so will often come out in Chinese, and no one understands what I am saying.

Anime Club meets in Mission Library Thursdays after school until 3:30pm when clubs are in session.

Contact me at, or call the school or district and dial x16851.

Here is an old interview of me in the Library's former location on campus. Watch it to learn about one of the historical events I lived through.

I love to listen to audiobooks. You can find links to free audiobooks and ebooks at Mission Library's website.

body building

I like to do bodybuilding but haven't done any during the pandemic.

Librarian's Childhood Photo

Can you tell which one was me?

Silk Quilt

This is a silk quilt I made

Peas in a basket

Here are some shelling peas from my home vegetable garden.

Wonton Soup

I learned to make wonton soup during the pandemic.

Two women in ComicCon

When the pandemic is over, I hope to attend Comic Con or San Diego Comic Fest again in person.